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Caffe Centrale, Italy

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Oct 21, 1982

"Although Firenze was the high-water mark as far as painting, sculpture, & architecture are concerned, my swing into southern Italy was equally rewarding in a different way, with such world-famous attractions as Pompeii, Sorrento, & Capri, not to mention Naples itself on its bay, Vesuvio, Herculaneum, & Monte Cassino. Moreover, our bus passed through Caserta, and Ann, you wouldn't believe it, in plain sight, there was a sign with the name 'Caiazzo' on it, & an arrow showing where to turn off! It gave me a bit of a start seeing that come at me, in white & green, just like any old sign on the Northway or Penn-Can Highway. For me, it was an added bonus & lift."

-excerpt from a letter written by Grandpa Joe Ciaranello to Aunty Ann Ciaranello; their mother, Nicolina, was from Caserta and their father, Anthony, was from Caiazzo

Belaggio, Italy

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Riva by night, Italy

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Friday, April 22, 2005

Oct 28, 1985

"We covered quite a bit of ground in Italy, from Milan to Como to Venice to Florence. The weather was mostly fair but hazy, going from hot the first part of the trip to cool toward the end, especially at night. I guess we liked Venice the best - a singular city to caress the senses, with spectacular views of lagoon & basilica, canals, bridges, & palaces. Of our 5 days there, not one was less than memorable, as we traveled about, on foot, or gondola, or waterbus."

-excerpt from a letter written by Grandpa Joe Ciaranello to Aunty Ann Ciaranello

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


A Tuscan Childhood by Kinta Beevor
Too Much Tuscan Sun by Dario Castagno
A Thousand Days in Venice,
A Thousand Days in Tuscany,
The Lady in the Palazzo by Marlena de Blasi
The Reluctant Tuscan by Phil Doran
As The Romans Do by Alan Epstein
An Italian Affair by Laura Fraser
Italian Days by Barbara Grizzuti Harrison
Extra Virgin,
Ripe for the Picking,
Journey to the South by Annie Hawes
The Hills of Tuscany by Ferenc Mate
Under The Tuscan Sun,
Bella Tuscany,
In Tuscany by Frances Mayes
Italian Neighbors by Tim Parks
A House in Sicily by Daphne Phelps
The Tuscan Year by Elizabeth Romer
A Summer in Tuscany by Sandra J. Swanson
On Persephone's Island by Mary Taylor Simenti
Escape to Tuscany - Fodor's 2nd Edition


At Home in France by Ann Barry
My Life in France by Julia Child
A Castle in the Backyard by Betsy Draine & Michael Hinden
The Olive Farm,
The Olive Season,
The Illustrated Olive Farm by Carol Drinkwater
French Spirits by Jeffrey Greene
On Rue Tatin by Susan Herrmann Loomis
The Magic of Provence,
Love in Provence by Yvone Lenard
A Year in Provence,
Toujours Provence,
Encore Provence by Peter Mayle
A Farmhouse in Provence by Mary Roblee Henry
From Here, You Can't See Paris by Michael S. Sanders
Instructions for Visitors by Helen Stevenson
Almost French by Sarah Turnbull


My Love Affair With England by Susan Allen Toth
The Summer of My Greek Taverna by Tom Stone

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